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When I saw an English Toy Poodle named Eng/Ch Grayco Hazelnut in a photo, she was in the championship cup for "Best in Show" at the Crafts in 1982. That was the moment that I totally fell in love with them. From then I was eager to have one and got a brown poodle named "Senna" from Ms. S in Saitama. That was the beginning of my history.

I had trained for 17 years under my master. I left her 5 years ago to begin to breed my own poodles.

I would like to keep breeding them and expand contacts and imports from Europe.

"Be beautiful and healthy as a show dog or a pet dog." That is my motto.

I try to breed the poodles close to the Standard and sound in mind and body.

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If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

3-18-3 Sakae-cho, ODAWRA,
TEL + 81-465-23-7023
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